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Discover the innovation of ultra-thin LEDMESEE Lightboxes

Our ultra-thin LED lightboxes represent the pinnacle of light advertising, combining elegance, productivity and advanced technology.

What sets our products apart in the market:

Perfect and even light distribution

Ultra-thin design with a thickness of only 12mm

Tempered glass with a thickness of 3mm

Protection against yellowing and deformation

Easy graphics replacement - slide in and out

Energy efficient thanks to innovative leds

Additional accessories: powerbank, handles, stands....

See the difference

Slide the photo below to the left or right. See the difference between a regular poster and a LEDMESEE Lightbox!

Stand out from the crowd - discover the possibilities of our lightboxes!

Innovative technology

Perfect light distribution

Entire frame thickness is only 12mm

3mm thick tempered glass

Various formats
from A5 to A0

Use cases for ultra-thin LED lightboxes

Our lightboxes are innovative and versatile light advertising tools, used in a variety of sectors and contexts.
Here are some examples of their use in industries:


In stores and showrooms, lightboxes can present promotions, new products or highlight bestsellers.


Restaurants and bars can use lightboxes to display menus, special offers or ingredient information.


Hotels can use light boxes as elegant directional signs, information boards or to showcase services.


Beauty parlours, hairdressers and other services can use lightboxes to promote their services or display prices.


Clinics and pharmacies can use lightboxes for health messages, information about services or opening hours.


Schools and universities can use lightboxes to display educational information, announcements or directional signs.


Offices and conference centers can use lightboxes for corporate presentations, company information or brand promotion graphics.


Companies at fairs and events can draw attention of the visitors and make their booths stand out. 

What sector does your company operate in?

Let's find a solution for you!

Customer feedback

We are proud of the positive feedback from our customers and the success they have had with our LED Ultra lightboxes.

"LEDMESEE Lightboxes have added a modern look to our showroom. Customers often comment on how professional our offerings look."

Ann C., Cosmetic Salon Owner

"Since we installed lightboxes, we've seen a marked increase in interest in promotions. They are a great tool for attracting customers' attention."

Thomas V., Clothing Store Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of standard formats from A5 to A0 and custom sizes available upon request.

Our light boxes can be installed both vertically and horizontally. We also offer a variety of assembling accessories, including ceiling mounts and stands, to provide installation flexibility.

Yes, we used special led strips, which are very energy efficient. You'll only need a powerbank to illuminate the lightboxes.

Yes, we offer a warranty on our LEDMESEE Lightboxes. Details of our warranty policy can be found in the "Terms of Purchase and Warranty" section of our website.

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping. Would you like to find out the shipping price please contact us by phone or email.

Customers have flexibility when it comes to printing for our lightboxes. You can do the printing yourself or outsource it to an external advertising agency. We recommend using double-printed PET backlite film for the best visual effects and display quality.

We recommend displaying our lightboxes indoors.

Replacing graphics in our lightboxes is very easy. Thanks to an innovative insertion system, graphics can be easily replaced without tools or clips.

Delivery time depends on the location and availability of the product, but usually ranges from 3 to 7 business days.

Orders can be placed directly on our website, through the contact form, or by phone using the contact information provided.

If the product you bought is damaged, does not meet your expectations, you can return the goods up to 30 days. We will refund your money.

Yes, we also offer a graphic printing service for our customers. We use PET material - premium backlite - and print it on UV machines to ensure the highest quality and durability of the prints.

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